HI guys, I'm Bailen Estrada, AKA BAIFLIX...

First off, yes. They really do call me Baiflix. I grew up in Roscoe, a small town in Northern Illinois. At 9 years old - before I could even multiply 2 numbers - I took my families vintage camera, recorded my brother skateboarding, and that's the moment when my love for film making and photography was born.

Now, let's fast forward to quarantine in 2020 when things really kicked off. I took all that free time we were given and invested in myself. I watched as many videos as I could, read as many books as I could, and completed as many projects as I could for free. Money was not on my mind.

Throughout junior year I kept perfecting my craft. One thing led to another and I started making money doing a ton of senior portrait sessions which led me to creating my own business: Baiflix.

Going into my senior year I took tons of pictures and created tons of films. My work has been featured on social media for companies such as Culprit Underwear, WNDR Museum, and Mary's Market. My work has been on displayed on billboards, shown on Tv, and even sold t-shirts before I graduated high school.

What's next for Baiflix? Well, I currently am working in Los Angeles and travel for photography work bouncing between Los Angeles and my hometown in Illinois.